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Echoes of Triumph Book Six

Echoes of Triumph Book Six

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Book Six, published in 2008, is the sixth songbook published by Elizabeth Drudge. It contains 40 songs featuring lyrics directly from the Book of Revelation or from poems based off the Book of Revelation.

  • Softcover hymnal in shaped notes.



"Each song in this collection is based on the Book of Revelation. It has always been a very musical part of the Bible to me, with its rich, descriptive passages just bursting with song. How can we help but sing it? All passages are taken from the King James Version. There is no prophetic slant. I am not a student of prophecy; I am a lover of songs. The songs are simply the words of Revelation set to music, either exactly as it is in the Bible, or else put into a poem. Singing is one more way to have the Word of God written on our hearts. It is my prayer that the Book of Revelation will become more precious and inspiring to you as you sing these new songs. There is a blessing promised to those who read the Book of Revelation, so I pray that there will also be a blessing to those who sing the beautiful song passages of Revelation."

Elizabeth Drudge

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