Book Two Stories

Stories behind the songs in Echoes Of Triumph Book Two

The Story of "The Tree Of Calvary" Song #1


"The Tree Of Calvary" Jesus died upon a wooden cross. But where did the wood come from? From a tree, that grew some where, probably nearby. Had God seen this little seedling grow, knowing His Son would die upon it? Had it been a tree of beauty, that had given shade to others on a hot day? Lena did an excellent job of creating a mind picture of this "Tree of Calvary", as it grew from a seedling to become a timber used by wicked men, but turned into a place where sinners could be saved.






The Story of "The Wheel Of The Mill" Song #2

"The Wheel Of The Mill". John had a sermon one Sunday about how a mill pond is useless unless the pond is full enough to overflow and turn the water wheel. He compared it to our lives; how we must be overflowing with the Holy Spirit. Lena went home and put it into a poem which I set to music. As each of the four parts take their turn coming in, "making the wheel of the mill go around," you can almost feel the power of the mill!


The Story of " Someone Needs Your Smile" Song #7

"Someone Needs Your Smile". It was a stormy Sunday. Church had been cancelled. We were having a wonderful day of rest with our children. I thought it would be good to have a new song to help us remember this special day together. The words and the tune came together easily. Soon John and the children were helping me sing it.


The Story of "The End Of The Road" Song #8

"The End Of The Road." Elmer Martin was Lena's nephew. He had a job in Alberta, and was travelling home to visit his parents in Ontario. In Northern Ontario, only a few hours from home, he was killed in a traffic accident on June 17, 1981. He was 27.


The Story of "Hand In Hand" Song #21

"Hand In Hand" is an anniversary song. As Ibra and Lena were approaching their tenth anniversary, Lena wrote these words without Ibra catching on, and gave them to me secretly, and asked me to put them to music, and asked our family to sing it to Ibra as a surprise gift of love from her to him for their anniversary.


The Story of "Keep Me Not For I Am Going" Song #23

"Keep Me Not For I Am Going." This song was written in loving memory of our Bishop Abraham Smith. He died on September 29, 1980, after serving in the ministry of the Mennonite Church for 53 years. He had baptized both John and I, and had married us, and in 1974 he ordained John to work with him in the ministry. During those six years of working together, he and John became very close, and John developed a deep respect for him. We were at his bedside, singing, when he passed peacefully away.